Latest in Joint Sealing Technology Latest in Joint Sealing Technology

Latest in Joint Sealing Technology

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CSC Services will be showcasing the innovative Emseal BEJS structural expansion joint system at the Bridges Conference & Exhibition.

The BEJS System, from NCC Movement Joints Limited, is ideal for sealing the difficult structural expansion joints on bridge decks, wing walls, abutments, parapet walls and more. It brings together the benefits of several different systems into one single installation; providing a watertight, trafficable, new & retrofit bridge movement / expansion joint sealing system.

Emseal BEJS is designed to handle harsh environmental conditions and features watertightness with greater movement capability, better low temperature flexibility and higher temperature stability than other technologies.

The Emseal BEJS Technology

The system is comprised of a pre-compressed, silicone-and-foam hybrid installed into field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces, with the silicone bellows locked to the joint faces with a silicone sealant band. It features a hydrophobic acrylic impregnation infused into the cellular foam base material, resulting in the higher low-temperature flexibility and high temperature stability not possible in asphalt, wax, or butylene-based products.

Innovative BEJS System Features

  • Watertight—the tensionless silicone bellows is installed just below the deck surface. This ensures watertightness is achieved at the deck surface. Unlike liquid-applied sealants, compression seals, and inflated seals, the BEJS System does not rely on adhesion in tension.  Instead the material is pre-compressed in the factory ensuring that the spring energy of compression is always pushing back on the substrate.
  • Non-Invasive Anchoring—there is no drilling into sound concrete and no hard metal-to-concrete connections, as required in systems with mechanical fixings such as embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks etc. Instead, the BEJS System is locked into the joint faces by means of i) backpressure of the foam; ii) bonded by the epoxy adhesive; and iii) the injected silicone band at the foam and silicone bellows joint interface.
  • Continuity of Seal— continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is a real performance differentiator of the Emseal BEJS System. Prefabricated details and sections are provided to ensure watertight transitions from decks to walls, at kerbs, pavements and crossovers etc.
  • Versatility—The BEJS System is resistant to fuels & other automotive fluids, plus the system can easily accommodate variations in joint dimensions, particularly variable joint widths without excessive, expensive and time-consuming additional preparatory works.
  • Installation—Fast, easy installation can also be staged to preserve partial traffic flow. Under normal conditions and temperatures, the BEJS System provides a driveable surface within hours of installation.

CSC Services have many years experience in providing Expansion Joint Repairs. Please call CSC Services on 0191 410 3444 if you would like more information on about Emseal products.