Coatings Advice for Anglian Water

CSC Services visited Wing Water Treatment Works to learn about Anglian Water’s biggest challenges and offer some of the latest coatings advice from suppliers.

The Anglian region is the driest in the UK and the company face challenges associated with climate change, population growth and increasing customer expectations. In response to this a Shop Window has been set up to allow employees, partners and suppliers to shape what the future business could like in thirty-year’s time, enabling Anglian Water to meet current and future challenges. A physical area within a live catchment, the Shop Window provides a chance to try new ways of working and showcase innovation.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services attended the day organised by the Water Innovation Network to offer advice on where and how specification of specialist coatings can drive efficiencies, extend the life of assets and reduce costly shut down periods. Mark said:

“Specialist coatings are often commissioned when structures begin to fail. If you take concrete tanks for example, many built in the 1980’s or before were not adequately protected. Years of unprotected exposure result in cracks, spalls and leaks. Once these problems develop, the deterioration of the concrete is accelerated because aggressive substances now have an unobstructed passageway into the concrete.

“CSC Services can of course refurbish degraded assets to add many years of maintenance free services but the best time to protect concrete and many other substrates is from new, before sulphates and acids have had a chance to get inside the concrete and cause damage. Many of the most recent coatings on the market have significantly longer life-spans than traditional coatings. They offer superior surface protection against abrasion, impact, corrosion and chemical attach. This all works to reduce the need for costly refurbishment and maintenance programmes, reducing customer disruptions and costly shut down periods.

“Our advice to utility professionals looking to derive the maximum service from an asset would be to consider coatings in the initial design stages of new projects.”

For more information about protecting concrete tanks in water and wastewater tanks click here.

As part of Anglian Water’s Shop Window programme, CSC Services will trial their latest Polyurea protective technology coating. Further details of this project will be released in due course.