Innovation Tour at Anglian Water

CSC Services are taking part in a guided tour around Wing Treatment Works at Anglian Water this week. The day, organised by the Water Innovation Network will offer insight into how water is treated and then distributed to Anglian Water customers. The day will showcase the range of technologies at the cutting edge of water treatment and help organisations and businesses to learn about the Anglian Water Shop Window project and how to get involved.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services is looking forward to networking with professionals from Anglian Water:

“This is a great opportunity for specialist contractors like CSC Services to understand the challenges Anglian Water currently face.

“CSC Services works with a range of coating manufacturers undertaking relevant training and learning about new products, so the best possible advice and solutions can be offered to clients. By understanding the specific context of issues we are hoping to be able to offer advice and information.”

Over the previous months CSC Services have been focused on conveying the range of applications and adhesion characteristics of Polyurea technology. With a vast range of applications across the wastewater sector, CSC Services will be looking to identify specific areas where this technology and other specialist coatings could bring long term benefits to Anglian Water.

Polyurea is a protective coating technology used for waterproofing and corrosion protection. It is highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide and hydrocarbons, and is abrasion resistant. It has many benefits over traditional coatings including a long-life span and rapid cure times which allow very fast return to service (hours as opposed to days or weeks).  Polyurea is pending DWI approval which will increase potential use across the clean water side of operations significantly.

CSC Services has compiled a products portfolio. This has been independently compiled by CSC Services to offer clients a clear guide to the many specialist coating products available. To order a copy of this please e-mail:

Image shows a Wastewater treatment plant to which there are a range of potential applications for Polyurea protective coating.