Flexcrete Coating at Biomass Plant Flexcrete Coating at Biomass Plant

Flexcrete Coating at Biomass Plant

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A Flexcrete coating system was sprayed on to steelwork at Lynemouth Biomass Power Station for client Sir Robert McAlpine.

Sir Robert McAlpine were constructing the Materials Handling Facility at the plant in Northumberland. CSC Services installed protective coatings to the new rail offload areas which will receive over one million tonnes of imported wooden pellets each year which will power the new plant.

With enhanced chemical and abrasion resistance the Flexcrete coating will guarantee the life-span of the steelwork at the plant for twenty years.

Work on the project was scheduled around construction on the site.

Images of the work are shown below.

Cementitious coating system being installed

Coating Work at Biomass Plant

Cementitious coating system complete

Coating work completed at Biomass Plant Completed at work at Biomass Plant

CSC Services provide refurbishment services to engineers and project managers across the power sector who want to repair, protect or extend the life of an asset or structure with confidence. With over 18 years of experience in providing repair services and protective coatings, CSC Services offer a safe, reliable and quality service that is always guaranteed.