Essential Maintenance Work at Power Station Essential Maintenance Work at Power Station

Essential Maintenance Work at Power Station

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22 February 2018

A scheme of 24-hour essential maintenance work at Hartlepool Power Station will soon be completed for client EDF Energy. Once again CSC Services have been working at the North East Power Station during the planned shut-down of one of the reactors.

The inlet and outlet culverts; cooling water intake areas and water boxes have been inspected for spalled concrete, leaking cracks and damaged expansion joints. Damaged and spalled concrete has been repaired, and the process of resin injection and over-banding used to address leakage and cracks. Specialist protective coatings have been installed to the steel water boxes.

Working for EDF Energy’s contract partner Cape, CSC Services have also been installing a cathodic protection system to the drumscreen chamber. Defective concrete has been removed from the structure; steel reinforcement replaced and anodes installed. Following the application of new concrete to profile, GRP ladders; platforms and handrails have been installed.

To ensure the scheme of work has been completed within the designated time-frame,12-hour day shifts and 12-hour night shifts were undertaken.

Earlier in the year CSC Services completed leak sealing and specialist coating work to the suction eye ahead of the outage.

CSC Services specialise in working during statutory outages and planned shut-downs. Work can be scheduled around the clock with the latest products and application techniques used to minimise project time-scales.