EDF Energy Contracts Awarded

CSC Services is delighted to announce that it has secured two contracts with EDF Energy for work this coming summer.

Major concrete repairs will be undertaken at Hartlepool Power Station to Drumscreen Chamber 3. Gabion Wall Infill Refurbishment will also take place at Hinkley Point B Power Station.

This work builds on recent contracts already undertaken at Hartlepool Power Station and Dungeness Power Station for the client, and reflects the company’s focus to providing specialist coatings solutions across a range of sectors.  Mick Flounders, Contracts Director at CSC Services explains:

“The Gabion Wall at Hinkley Point B Power Station is located behind the main sea wall and was installed in response to an extreme tidal surge. Part of the programme of works involves concrete patch repairs using products suitable for marine exposure and high chloride ingress. CSC Services have been able to work with the client to offer a coatings solution using one of the latest offerings from our portfolio.

“The latest corrosion control coating system can stop the development (or further development) of crevice corrosion and pack rust in joints and connections. Typical coatings leave steel vulnerable to micro-cracking, delaminating, rust leaking and perforations. Crevice corrosion and pack-rust can cause out-of-place bending and rust bleeding which can is serious cases cause structures to collapse. Using a corrosion control coating system can actively penetrate corroded crevices and protect steel.”

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