Culvert Repairs at Power Station

CSC Services returned to Dungeness B Power Station to complete a scheme of culvert repairs for client EDF Energy. Visual inspections and remedial works to walls and joints within the cooling water inlet and outlet culverts were commissioned during the stations’ outage period.

Repairs were carried out using concrete repair mortar, appropriate leak sealing resin and packers, over banding with epoxy resin and Hypalon bandage in accordance with best practices.

CSC Services completed similar work during the last two outages at Dungeness Power Station. Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services believes this order strengthens the company’s relationship with EDF Energy:

“As a company we are all about quality: quality of our services and the quality of the products we install. All of the previous repairs at Dungeness Power Station are performing well and are still fully in place. It is great that this quality has been acknowledged and resulted in repeat business with EDF Energy.”

CSC Services are currently on site at Hinkley Power Station and have recently completed a scheme of work at Hartlepool Power Station on behalf of Cape to the CW Forebay Crane Supports.

CSC Services provide refurbishment services to engineers and project managers across the power sector who want to repair, protect or extend the life of an asset or structure with confidence. With over 18 years of experience in providing repair services and protective coatings, CSC Services offer a safe, reliable and quality service that is always guaranteed.

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