Concrete Repair Specialist Contractors

CSC Services Repair Specialist Sites Across The Country

Over the last month, we have completed some exciting projects across the country. Providing effective concrete and steel repair systems, our specialists have brought their expertise to repair, refurbish and protect a host of different sites.

Here we take a quick look at just a few of the jobs we have undertaken in spring 2024…

EDF Energy Hinkley Point B Power Station, Somerset

Our team were tasked with repairing spalling concrete in the site’s turbine hall basement and, with a full Flexcrete system, they cut and broke out the defective concrete, then cleaned the existing reinforcement and provided further protection with Protector 841. The repair areas were then filled and returned back to profile using Monomix HD repair material.

We also applied 2 coats of Monodex Smooth to provide a decorative finish as we completed this project on time, within budget and in full accordance with BS EN 1504.

John F Hunt, South Shields

A civil engineering company, John F Hunt had a dry dock that had been suffering from water ingress. An emergency project, this needed quick action as the company could not backfill the dock and carry out ongoing projects.

After the internal team had not managed to seal the leaks themselves, our experienced specialists arrived within a week’s notice and quickly succeeded in stopping the water ingress in order for them to continue their daily operations. Our years of experience in resin injection and the application of Normet TamPur allowed us to prevent further damage and provide high-quality protection to the site.

Pharmaron, Cramlington

Following an inspection of a steel effluent tank, CSC Services were tasked with carrying out coating repairs to the internal surface of the vessel.
Our team set up a confined space entry system, then completed the works using a quill falcon wet blast system to remove failed coating and blast the surface profile achieving the SA2.5 standard needed for the application of the specialist coating system, supplied by Chemco. All environmental parameters were met by constantly taking measurements needed and the use of a heating system.

Our team of experts are skilled, experienced and dedicated to solving problems on your site.

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