CSC Services invests in New Technology for Site Management

Better communication and data connectivity between remote site projects and central teams

CSC Services has developed a new application for better communication and data connectivity between remote site projects and central teams.  The move takes the company even further towards its end goal of a paperless environment. The online tool is a customisable application that has been built specifically to meet the needs of the CSC Services teams. Operational processes have now been simplified, standardised and digitised using web/mobile technology and key functionality includes:

  • Electronic storage of on-site project documentation such as Health & Safety checklists and certifications
  • Quick and easy uploading of on-site paperwork, tasks and notes by remote teams
  • Instant shared team access of loaded data and information
  • Automated, personalised and custom reporting
  • Standardised data collection in real time
  • The benefit of pre-populated data on frequent forms with repetitive fields
  • The ability to monitor the progress of jobs across sites
  • The opportunity to prioritise maintenance & operational tasks due to increased visibility of individual site tasks progress
  • The ability to monitor paperwork completion in a standardised way to identify training and process improvement needs

Tested in both development and live environments

Prior to go-live the management team first invested time loading up all site documentation and checklists into electronic form formats.  The application was then fully tested in both development and live environments before being rolled out across the various teams.  It has been well-received by all and is already proving to be an important asset to site processes.

“It makes things so much easier and more efficient. We can now simply fill in forms electronically on our site devices before saving out. They system automatically turns these into electronic documentation that can instantly be accessed by other teams across the business.”

Key to its success is the increased accessibility of data it gives between teams, without any lengthy waits while paperwork is delivered from site to site.  Central teams are now able to immediately view notifications and documentation as they are loaded into the system, improving efficiency across various processes and giving vital information to those who need it.  The application is very user-friendly – being accessible across various devices and with an offline functionality for when internet connection is not available.

The team is looking forward to its continued roll-out and further building on the documentation that has already been brought into the online environment.