Corrosion Control Coating Systems

CSC Services are expanding their coatings portfolio with the addition of corrosion control coatings systems.

The latest corrosion control coating systems can stop the development (or further development) of crevice corrosion and pack rust in joints and connections.

Typical coatings leave steel vulnerable to micro-cracking, delaminating, rust leaking and perforations. Crevice corrosion and pack-rust can cause out-of-place bending and rust bleeding which can is serious cases cause structures to collapse. Using a corrosion control coating system can actively penetrate corroded crevices and protect steel.

Corrosion control coating systems are specifically engineered to arrest corrosion by:

  • Neutralising surface acidity
  • Displacing moisture
  • Scavenging oxygen
  • Creating a flexible barrier to further egress corrosion causing elements.

Corrosion control coating systems are used worldwide. Mark Lemon, Managing Director explains why CSC Services are advocating use particularly to clients in the UK water and power industry:

“Corrosion control coating systems can be used on many structures which are adversely affected by rust including water towers, bridges, tanks and utility towers. They are environmentally safe and extremely cost effective. They have a five year warranty and approximate twenty five year service life. This should be of interest to any Asset Manager looking to protect structures before they deteriorate to the point where they must be replaced.”

Corrosion control systems can be used on flexible structures and most structural steel applications, specifically where crevice corrosion and pack rust between joints and connections proliferate.

Like any coating system, the successful application will depend upon substrate preparation. As coatings specialists CSC Services offer a full service including repairs, cleaning, and professional advice on product selection, cure times and after care.

For more specific information about the corrosion control coating systems CSC Services use, please e-mail