Water Industry Specialist Contractors Water Industry Specialist Contractors

Water Industry Specialist Contractors

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CSC Services – Water Industry Specialist Contractors

Water and wastewater structures such as Service Reservoirs, Water Towers, Filter Tanks, Wet Wells and Pump Stations are just some of the water industry assets in which we are experienced water industry specialist contractors.  We have completed extensive projects over many years in areas such as concrete repair systems, coatings and refurbishment. Using a range of WRAS- and DWI-approved products, our repair, refurbishment and maintenance services also cover aqueducts, bridges, chemical bunds, filter beds grit separators, inlet works, pipes, screen channels and surge vessels.  We are able to clean, repair, coat and seal a full range of tanks including water, storm, final settlement, reception, humus and primary settlement tanks.

Filter Tank Refurbishment for United Utilities

Tank refurbishment

polyurethane protective coating system was installed to a filter tank for United Utilities to provide effective corrosion and erosion resistance.  Corrosion to the tank walls, accelerated by the abrasive action of the filter material had caused rust to develop. We removed the failed coating and rust to ensure a stable surface profile for the installation of a new protective coating.

Anglian Water Wet Well Refurbishment following Hydrogen Sulphide Corrosion

Installation of repair mortar

The life-span of a pumping station wet well was significantly increased for Anglian Water with a cementitious coating system, following its structural repair.

Other contracts completed in 2018 include further Anglian Water Wet Well Structural Refurbishment and Wet Well Protection Against Hydrogen Sulphide Degredation for service provider Nomenca.