Power Industry Specialist Contractors Power Industry Specialist Contractors

Power Industry Specialist Contractors

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CSC Services – Concrete Repair Power Industry Specialist Contractors

As power industry specialist contractors, we have been providing structural asset refurbishment and concrete repair systems and maintenance to the power industry since 2014, working across numerous sites and sectors, including nuclear power plants, electrical sub-stations, wind farms, coal-fired power stations and mass-fuelled power plants.

Leak sealing

Using the latest products and innovations in application, we understand the safety specifications and constraints that come with working in this specialist industry and we focus on mitigating risks and minimising disruption for our clients.

Some recent power industry projects include:

Cathodic Protection System Installation at Hartlepool Power Station

concrete repair systems

We have also successfully delivered a number of projects for our long-term client EDF Energy , including essential maintenance work at Hartlepool power stationand refurbishment of cooling water intake areas and water boxes during shut-down of one of the reactors.  Working for EDF Energy’s contact partner Altrad, we also installed a cathodic protection system to the drumscreen chamber.

Chemical-Resistant Coatings at Dungeness Power Station

power industry specialist contractors

During a routine inspection, degradation and blistering of the internal rubber lining of the mixed bed regenerator vessel was identified by our power industry specialist contractors.  This vessel forms part of the Dungeness Power Station’s water treatment plant; backwashing, rinsing and injecting resins with sulphuric acid and caustic soda. We refurbished and replaced the coatings of this lining with chemical-resistant coatings during this interesting project.

Concrete Remediation Programme at Hinkley Point B Power Station

Concrete repair systems

Our current work at Hinkley Point B Power Station is a continuation of the previous two year’s Spalling Concrete Remediation Programme.  We are delighted to have been entrusted with this work for the last 3 years.  Over 300 significant concrete repairs were completed over a seven-month period at the station in 2018, including a Sika Spray applied system. Over ten tonnes of specialist repair mortars and structural strengthening products were used across the plant as part of the 2017 Remediation Programme.

Cementitious Coating System at Lynemouth Power Station

Coating Work at Biomass Plant

We installed protective cementitious coatings to preserve the new steel piling within the rail offload areas at the materials handling facility, which will receive over one million tonnes of imported wooden pellets each year to power Lynemouth Power Station.

Other significant contracts completed within the power industry include the installation of a flagship Sika Liquid Roofing System at Hartlepool Power Station, and a Corrosion Control Coating System at Hinkley Point B Power Station.


We have a team ready to speak to you about your project requirements.  For any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.