Coatings to Reinstate Concrete

Are you looking for a solution to reinstate concrete cover that avoids extensive and costly repair work? CSC Services can install coatings to reinstate concrete.

Low cover concrete repair coatings offer a more practical and cost-effective means of reinstating concrete cover.

Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services explains:

“The depth and quality of concrete cover on bridges and other concrete covered structures is vital to protect encased reinforced steel. Lack of protection to the re-bars can lead to corrosion and ultimately have a fatal effect on the structure. When low cover is identified remedial measures will often include drastic and costly measures.

A 2mm coating of a high performance cementitious coating can provide the equivalent to 100mm of good quality concrete cover, and provides a complete barrier to water under 10 bar pressure.

Additional protection against freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts, water and chloride ion penetration is also provided thus ensuring that the life span of the structure is both achieved and extended.”

A range of different coating products are available depending upon substrate compatibility, life span and the film thickness required to provide the necessary cover.

CSC Services work with a range of manufacturers to be able to specify the best products for clients. All of CSC Services’ operatives undertake regular training on the Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures in Accordance with BSEN1504 which is approved by the Institute of Concrete Technology. CSC Services are members of the Concrete Repair Association. 

DWI approved products are available to enable use across the water sector and products benefit from CE marking in accordance with BS EN 1504.  For more information about coatings to reinstate concrete cover please call CSC Services on 0191 410 3444.