Coatings Around the Clock

CSC Services are currently completing a scheme of coating works to an NHS Building on the busy Waterloo Road in London. Anticorrosive coatings are being applied at weekends to minimise disruption to the administration staff using the building through the week.

As well as scheduling work over evenings, nights and weekends, CSC Services can use a range of products and application methods to minimise disruption to business operations. Mark Lemon, CSC Services’ Managing Director explains:

“Heavy investment in research and development by manufacturers ensures today’s coatings offer better protection, faster cure times, less health risks and increased durability. Advances in application technologies are significantly reducing the time-scales of refurbishment work.

For steel and concrete structures in harsh environments such as wastewater sites, rapid setting, high early strength mortars can now be applied in damp environments without the use of primers. This reduces project time-scales and disruption to services.

The latest cementitious coatings can be applied directly in damp conditions, even on to metal, with minimal surface preparation which can significantly reduce project time-scales. These coatings cure to form a waterproof, protective layer with chemical resistance to hydrogen sulphide and sulphuric acid. As such coatings are water-based and low odour with no hazardous solvents released during application, they can be safely applied when facilities are still in normal operation.

Where surface preparation is required CSC Services make use of the latest blasting technology to remove failed coatings.  With dustless blasting all of the removed coatings are vacuumed back into the machine. This means there is less need for areas to be screened off for work to commence which will usually reduce the length of time that working operations are disrupted.

For roof refurbishment work, the latest liquid plastic roofing systems can be installed over existing roof coverings minimising the costs and upheaval associated with stripping roofs. Cold applied, these systems require no heat or naked flame during application, a must where safety is paramount. They have very fast application times allowing for speedy installation and become rapidly rain resistant meaning the roofing is free from rain damage immediately after application.”

Speak to CSC Services about your coating or refurbishment requirements today. CSC Services work in partnership with the leading coatings manufacturers to ensure the optimum solution can be achieved for your project whatever your business circumstances.

Images of the weekend coating work undertaken in London are shown below:

Anticorrosive coatings
Anticorrosive coatings