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Guide to: DWI regulation 31

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is an independent body which ensures water companies in England and Wales supply drinking water that meets acceptable quality standards. As repair and refurbishment specialists to the water industry, we operate u...

Sludge Tank Refurbishment

A scheme of sludge tank refurbishment work has been completed for Severn Trent W...

Micron testing of chemical protection coating
Guide to Chemical Protection

CSC Services refurbish tanks and vessels that operate in harsh environments. Acr...

Restoration work
Restorative Repairs to Victorian Park

Restorative repair work has been completed at one of South Tyneside’s oldest p...

Crack injection
Epoxy Resin Concrete Repair: Sika Crack Injection Waterproofing

Read our latest case study in crack injection waterproofing within our epoxy res...