Guide to: DWI regulation 31

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is an independent body which ensures water companies in England and Wales supply drinking water that meets acceptable quality standards. As repair and refurbishment specialists to the water industry, we operate under DWI regulation 31 to ensure the work we carry out doesn’t negatively impact drinking water quality. What does […]

Cutting Carbon Across the Supply Chain

As utility companies across the UK implement programmes to monitor and reduce carbon emissions there is a clear expectation for their supply chain to follow suit. Buyers are increasingly looking at suppliers environmental and sustainability policies, so it is now more important than ever for contractors such as CSC Services to demonstrate their stance on […]

Guaranteeing ‘Service Life-Span’

Service Reservoir Refurbishment

In the refurbishment and coatings industry engineers are often looking to guarantee the service ‘life-span’ of a structure. What does this actually mean, and what are the important factors to consider? Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services discusses in this short article. At a basic level every structure has a service life, meaning the […]

The value of the Water Innovation Network

As water companies begin to realise the value of collaboration with the supply chain in driving innovation, Anglian Water has introduced two initiatives to find solutions to long-term challenges like climate change and population growth. The ‘Water Innovation Network’ allows entrepreneurs to submit innovative solutions and the ‘Shop Window’ is used for testing out innovations. […]

Protecting Wastewater Assets


CSC Services joined industry leaders in Birmingham to assess innovative ways of protecting wastewater assets and networks ahead of PR19. There was a clear message from this year’s Wastewater Conference that innovation in wastewater networks and processes is more crucial than ever. Growing demands from customers, an ageing sewer network and economic uncertainty mean that […]

Focus on Corrosion

News coming from Japan this week highlights the danger corrosion can cause to pipes and structures, and the importance of regular inspections and protection procedures. Mick Flounders, CSC Services’ Contracts Director explains more: “CSC Services have been keeping a close eye on recent news about corrosion inspections at Japanese Power Stations. Japan shut down its […]

Resilience through Collaboration

Institute of Water Scottish Area Seminar

CSC Services were supporting the Institute of Water’s Scottish Area Seminar last week as part of its ongoing commitment to network and collaborate with water industry professionals. Held at the Howden Centre in Livingston, collaboration was a strong theme throughout the day which focused on ‘Risk and Resilience’ in the Scottish Water Industry. Roseanne Cunningham, […]

Tackling Hydrogen Sulphide Degradation

Wastewater treatment plant for potential Polyurea application

Many waste-water plants suffer from the effects of hydrogen sulphide degradation. In this short article, Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services, looks at what it is and what can be done to protect assets from hydrogen sulphide degradation: “Hydrogen sulphide results from septic conditions during the collection and treatment of wastewater. This colourless gas, […]

Manufacturing and Engineering North East

CSC Services is looking forward to attending the Manufacturing and Engineering North East show this week to see, hear and discuss the latest engineering and manufacturing developments. The show being held in Newcastle, will highlight global manufacturing successes from the North East and feature live machinery demonstrations and management insights. CSC Services specialise in protective […]

Specialist advice on coatings

19 May 2016 CSC Services had a busy two days at Utility Week Live this week talking to industry professionals about Polyurea and the range of other coatings the company is approved to install. Advice was also offered on why the specialist application of coatings is so important. Mark Lemon, Managing Director of CSC Services […]