Power Station Sea Wall Repair

The Challenge We were asked by the Investment Delivery Team of an existing power station client to carry out concrete repair work to a 40-metre-long section of sea wall which included crane support and cantilever beams. The steel rebar had rusted, and concrete spalling was found to most of the beams and wall. The challenge […]

Guide to epoxy coatings

guide to epoxy coatings

Concrete Repair Specialist Contractors Epoxy coatings, or epoxy resin coatings, are high performance coatings known for their excellent resistance to water and environmental degradation. In this guide to epoxy coatings we’ll explain what they are and how and when they’re used. What are epoxy coatings? Epoxy is a type of thermoset plastic made by the […]

Cathodic protection basics

Concrete Repair Specialist Contractors Cathodic protection is a primary solution for protecting reinforced concrete structures, providing a highly effective solution for corrosion prevention and significantly increasing the lifespan of structures. In this guide, we’ll be going through some cathodic protection basics: Principles of cathodic protection How does it work? Why we use it Examples of […]

Why do a Structural Asset Condition Survey?

There are multiple methods for the repair, maintenance and protection of concrete structures.  The correct choice of application, products and methodology can be complex, but the right selection is fundamental to the project success, both financially and from a safety perspective.  A structural asset condition survey provides valuable insight into how to proceed with a […]

Hydrodemolition contractors: our guide to hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition is a popular technique for removing deteriorated concrete using high-pressured water jets in preparation for the installation of a cathodic protection system. As hydrodemolition contractors, we use this technique for the vast majority of our refurbishment projects. Read our guide to hydrodemolition to find out more. Guide to hydrodemolition Hydrodemolition (sometimes known as waterjetting […]

Top 5 signs you need concrete repair specialists

CSC concrete repair specialists at work

Despite being a strong and hard-wearing material, concrete is frequently exposed to eroding elements or high levels of traffic and requires maintenance from concrete repair specialists to keep it in a safe and durable condition. Damaged or poorly maintained concrete isn’t just an expensive problem – if left to get worse, it can also endanger […]

Restorative Repairs to Victorian Park

5. Restoration of concrete at Marine Park

Restorative repair work has been completed at one of South Tyneside’s oldest parks, as part of a £3.2 million scheme of work.  Work is underway to restore the historic North Marine Park in South Shields to its original Victorian character. As part of this programme, CSC Services have been repairing concrete elements and installing anti-carbonation […]

Emergency Repair Work Continues

concrete repair systems

Following emergency leak sealing work to the inlet culvert at Dungeness B Power Station last month, CSC Services are now undertaking emergency concrete repairs at Hinkley Point B Power Station. Within 48 hours of the emergent culvert leaks coming to the fore at Dungeness B Power Station, CSC Services were on site completing the leak […]

Guide to Wet Well Refurbishment

Wet Well returned to service

Do you have a wet well out of service? CSC Services work to a ten-point plan to ensure quick, cost effective return to service all year round. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of wet wells is essential to avoid blockages. With many wet wells difficult to locate and access this isn’t always possible or straightforward. If […]

Restoring Cracked Wet Well

Wet well prior to refurbishment

Work to restore the structural integrity of a cracked wet well was completed for Anglian Water. The transfer of ownership of thousands of private pumping stations to water companies in 2016 amounted to significant, and often problematic additions to their asset bases. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of wet wells is essential to avoid blockages. With […]