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Micron testing of chemical protection coating
Guide to Chemical Protection

CSC Services refurbish tanks and vessels that operate in harsh environments. Across the UK power sector, tanks can be used for backwashing and rinsing, holding chemicals such as sulphuric acid and caustic soda. Chemical compatibility is a key factor ...

Concrete repair
Refurbishment Solutions for Ageing Infrastructure

20 July 2018 Cracked bridges, leaking culverts, corroded wet wells? CSC Services...

Chemical resistant coatings
Chemical Resistant Coatings for EDF Energy

Work to replace the rubber lining of a vessel forming part of the water treatmen...

Concrete deterioration
A Visual Scale of Concrete Deterioration

CSC Services specialise in applying protective cementitious coatings that minimi...

protection against hydrogen sulphide
Protection Against Hydrogen Sulphide

CSC Services refurbished a scheme of terminal pumping station wet wells for spec...