Power Station Sea Wall Repair

The Challenge We were asked by the Investment Delivery Team of an existing power station client to carry out concrete repair work to a 40-metre-long section of sea wall which included crane support and cantilever beams. The steel rebar had rusted, and concrete spalling was found to most of the beams and wall. The challenge […]

Guide to epoxy coatings

guide to epoxy coatings

Concrete Repair Specialist Contractors Epoxy coatings, or epoxy resin coatings, are high performance coatings known for their excellent resistance to water and environmental degradation. In this guide to epoxy coatings we’ll explain what they are and how and when they’re used. What are epoxy coatings? Epoxy is a type of thermoset plastic made by the […]

Guide to Chemical Protection of Tanks & Vessels

Micron testing of chemical protection coating

CSC Services refurbish tanks and vessels that operate in harsh environments. Across the UK power sector, tanks can be used for backwashing and rinsing, holding chemicals such as sulphuric acid and caustic soda. Chemical compatibility is a key factor when a tank is commissioned, and this also needs to considered when specifying protective coatings for […]

Restorative Repairs to Victorian Park

5. Restoration of concrete at Marine Park

Restorative repair work has been completed at one of South Tyneside’s oldest parks, as part of a £3.2 million scheme of work.  Work is underway to restore the historic North Marine Park in South Shields to its original Victorian character. As part of this programme, CSC Services have been repairing concrete elements and installing anti-carbonation […]

How to Prevent Coating Failures

Specialist protective coatings are highly complex materials. They are generally a thin film that protects two reactive materials with many factors affecting the success of their application. Over the past few months CSC Services have seen an increase in enquiries relating to refurbishment of structures where coatings have failed. Failures and defects manifest themselves in […]

Coatings for Waterproofing A Complex Confined Space

coatings for waterproofing

CSC Services have installed coatings for waterproofing a bund at Hinkley Point B Power Station for client EDF Energy. A Sika Liquid Plastics glass reinforced Decothane Ultra System was installed to strengthen and protect a structure. It replaced the previous coating which had cracked and failed, providing a waterproof membrane. As part of the coatings […]

Guide to Wet Well Refurbishment

Wet Well returned to service

Do you have a wet well out of service? CSC Services work to a ten-point plan to ensure quick, cost effective return to service all year round. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of wet wells is essential to avoid blockages. With many wet wells difficult to locate and access this isn’t always possible or straightforward. If […]

Restoring Cracked Wet Well

Wet well prior to refurbishment

Work to restore the structural integrity of a cracked wet well was completed for Anglian Water. The transfer of ownership of thousands of private pumping stations to water companies in 2016 amounted to significant, and often problematic additions to their asset bases. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of wet wells is essential to avoid blockages. With […]

Waterproofing to Protect Steel Rebar

As CSC Services undertake a scheme of work protecting steel rebar at Hartlepool Power Station, Mick Flounders, Contracts Director looks at the importance of waterproofing concrete to protect rebar. Concrete has many advantages, including high compressive strength, formability and durability. Steel reinforcement is usually added to provide solid tensile strength that concrete normally lacks, and […]

Refurbishment Solutions for Ageing Infrastructure

Concrete repair

20 July 2018 Cracked bridges, leaking culverts, corroded wet wells? CSC Services can help! The UK’s ageing concrete infrastructure often shows signs of cracking, spalling and /or leaking. Vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to water and aggressive environments, the anticipated service life of concrete structures can often be significantly reduced if not maintained and refurbished. […]