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Case Studies

Spray Concrete Contractors at Water Treatment Works

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Onsite spray concrete contractors work at Frankley Water Treatment Works for client NMCN.

The team undertook steel fixing and dry sprayed concrete as part of a scheme of work to refurbish  the plant.

Sikacem 133 Gunite was spray-applied over reinforcement at the treatment works. SikaCem 133 Gunite is a cement-based one component repair mortar containing limestone aggregate, selected for this project by our team of spray concrete contractors for its low dust formation properties which ensure a high standard of finish.

Frankley Treatment Works was upgraded by Doosan North Midland Alliance, a joint venture between Doosan and the newly named Nmcm as part of the Birmingham Resilience Project for Severn Trent Water.

A video and photographs of the work are shown below.

What is sprayed concrete?

Sprayed concrete is a method of installation where concrete is sprayed into place, instead of pouring or placing onto a framework.

Sprayed concrete is a good option for curved structures such as domes and tunnel linings, as well as “free-formed” structures such as swimming pools or climbing walls. As specialist spray concrete contractors, we use sprayed concrete in a range of projects, including underground construction and strengthening and repair works.

There are several different types of sprayed concrete product options, including Gunite and Shotcrete. The most suitable product depends on the sprayed concrete application.

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