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Case Studies

Sludge Tank Refurbishment

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High Performance Cementitious Coatings for Severn Trent Water

A scheme of sludge tank refurbishment work has been completed for Severn Trent Water.

CSC Services were asked to rectify problems caused by badly poured and finished concrete, as shown in the image below. A specialist concrete coating system was specified to protect rebar and provide sufficient concrete cover to three sludge tanks and a buffer tank at Coleshill Sewage Treatment Works.

High pressure water jetting was used to prepare the tank bases, removing all latents and loose concrete. As shown in the images below, the tanks were marked out to ensure the correct amount of material was installed.

A waterborne, cementitious modified polymer coating was specified and installed. 2mm of this low cover concrete coating is equivalent to 100mm of good quality concrete cover and provides a complete barrier to water under 10 bar pressure. Being cement based, it chemically reacts with the substrate to form an integral part and will have a design life equivalent to that of the concrete to which it is applied.

This high-performance cementitious coating provides additional protection against freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts, water and chloride ion penetration, thus ensuring that the life span of the structure is both achieved and extended.

CSC Services specialise in tank refurbishment, and protective coatings. CSC Services are members of the Concrete Repair Association and Institute of Water.

All of CSC Services’ operatives undertake regular training on the Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures in accordance with BSEN1504 which is approved by the Institute of Concrete Technology. CSC Services are members of the Concrete Repair Association. 

For more information about sludge tank refurbishment or the full range of services and protective coatings that CSC Services can provide call 0191 410 3444.

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