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Case Studies

Resin Injection and Leak Sealing at Power Station

Further work at Lynemouth Power Station

We returned to Lynemouth Power Station this month on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine to undertake leak sealing at various areas of the station.

This followed the successful installation of a coating system to the materials handling facility and new rail intake area at the Power Station last year.

Located in the Northumberland coastal community of Lynemouth, the Station is currently under conversion to be a biomass-fuelled power plant. The Power Station is being converted from coal burn generation to biomass in order to supply the National Grid with up to 390 megawatts of low carbon electricity.

Resin Injection

Our team eliminated ingress of water around the floor joints in the rail offloader area caused by the coastal location and a high-water table. The TamPur 100 Resin Injection system by Normet was then used to halt water flow. This hydrophobic polyurethane reacts when it comes into contact with water, producing a rigid polyurethane foam. The system is solvent free, environmentally safe and chemically resistant.

Leak Sealing

Sikaflex PRO 3 was used to leak seal areas around the metal rings and roof panels of six of the Power Station’s silos, used to contain the wooden pellets that fuel the station. This moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant has both high mechanical and chemical resistance and is solvent free.

At CSC Services are experienced across a range of leak sealing and resin injection services. For more information on any of the refurbishment or leak sealing solutions that CSC Services can offer please call 0191 410 3444.