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Case Studies

Concrete Repairs to Spalled Concrete in Cooling Water Pump House

Our power sector client had identified vast areas of spalled concrete within the walls and floors of an on-site basement within a Cooling Water Pump House (CWPH). It was important that these areas of damage were fully inspected and repaired as part of their ongoing Asset Care Programme. The position of the CWPH on the southern end of site meant it was exposed to the elements and subject to constant damp salty conditions.  As a result the rebar in the concrete had started to corrode, causing the concrete to delaminate. Without remedial work the loose concrete posed an industrial safety hazard to both people and plant and the structure of the building would have been compromised without intervention.

Work Completed

Our expert team worked quickly to identify the extent of the damage and the remedial work that had to take place. Defective spalled concrete was broken out to allow for exposed reinforcement to be prepared and treated. Using a combination of Flexcrete products, concrete repair mortars and flexible coatings we were able to repair the required areas and ensure ongoing protection from the elements. All concrete repair works were completed in full accordance with BS EN 1504. All of CSC Services’ operatives are qualified in the repair and protection of Reinforced Concrete structures in accordance with this standard. All CSC Services’ operatives also undertake regular CPD training with Flexcrete to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest products, technology and application methods.

West Pit – Spalling Repairs
East Pit Transition Block Floor
East Pit – ECW Strainer Platform Wall
East Pit 2CW/11 – Spalling Repairs
South Wall External Repair and Coatings
Benefits and Outcomes

Benefits include a reduction in risk to the station, both through damage to personnel and plant from falling concrete and through a reduction in risk of structural failure.The refurbishment programme has restored the structural integrity of the Cooling Water Pump House and will prevent future deterioration. At CSC Services we have over twenty years of experience in concrete repair and refurbishment, protecting water and wastewater structures to mitigate risk and minimise disruption to services for clients.

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