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Case Studies

Concrete Repairs to High Voltage Substation

Concrete repair work to columns carrying switchgear within a high voltage substation.

The works were carried out under outage conditions over several days, due to the dangers associated with operating in this high risk environment.

Working in a high risk environment

High voltage (HV) substations operate as interconnection points on the National Grid network. Power is “stepped down” as it passes through a variety of substations, before it arrives at a distribution substation. At this stage the power is reduced to a level that businesses and homeowners can use to power electrical devices (400/230 volts).

This substation contained a variety of separately mounted and interconnected switching equipment and components which distribute power to various sections of a facility and the electrical loads within those sections.

Working in this kind of environment is potentially very dangerous, so our team was faced with the challenge of working under outage over several days to minimise the risk of electrocution.


Concrete repair work to columns carrying switchgear

Our work was focussed on the concrete columns which carry the substation’s heavy switchgear, a critical component responsible for controlling the flow of electricity within the network.

Our expert team of on-site engineers installed steelwork and shuttering, before applying a Micro Concrete repair system. Next, a three-coat anti-carbonation system was installed to seal the concrete before it was wrapped up to cure.

Although this was a straightforward project, it required a high level of precision and expertise to carry out the work safely and efficiently within a challenging environment. Having worked on numerous projects within the power sector, our team understood the unique challenges and completed the work on time and on budget, ensuring the switchgear were back in service as quickly as possible.

Mark Lemon CSC Managing Director