Service Reservoir Refurbishment

CSC Services successfully completed a Service Reservoir refurbishment.

Service reservoirs hold clean water after treatment, before it is piped to end users. Designed to keep water safe from contamination it is vital they are kept in optimum working order.

Flexcrete products used

An initial assessment showed the concrete of the structure was delaminated through water ingress and egress. Leak sealing was achieved through the process of resin injection and the use of a cementitious plug. Flexcrete concrete repair mortar products were specified due to the fact they are fast setting – starting to set rapidly. This was imperative for the project as it reduced disruption to service.

The refurbishment programme restored the structural integrity of the Service Reservoir and will prevent future deterioration. Flexcrete products have excellent resistance to pure water and low carbon dioxide permeability.

CSC Services has over twenty years of experience in service reservoir refurbishment, protecting water and wastewater structures to mitigate risk and minimise disruption to services for clients.

All CSC Services’ operatives undertake regular CPD training with Flexcrete to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest products, technology and application methods. Flexcrete invests heavily in Research and Development to ensure it can offer the most technologically advanced and innovative repair and protection materials for refurbishment or new build projects.


Leak sealing through resin injection and Flexcrete repair mortars are shown