Restorative Repairs to Victorian Park

Restorative repair work has been completed at one of South Tyneside’s oldest parks, as part of a £3.2 million scheme of work.

Work is underway to restore the historic North Marine Park in South Shields to its original Victorian character using Sika FerroGard 903. As part of this programme, CSC Services have been repairing concrete elements and installing anti-carbonation systems to the park’s structures which include the bowling clubhouse, which is detailed below. The restoration work will ensure the park’s heritage is retained while leaving a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Sika Concrete Repair and Protection System

Hammer testing of the exposed perimeter soffit was undertaken to identify all repair areas. The perimeter of each repair site was then saw cut to a minimum 10mm depth, or until steel reinforcement was encountered.

Repair sites were broken out to 25mm beyond the back of steel reinforcement. Broken out material was cleared during each shift to minimize trip hazards encountered during the operation.

All concrete surfaces were jet washed to remove all contamination. Sika FerroGard 903 was then installed. This corrosion inhibitor coating both delays the start of corrosion and reduces the corrosion rate. Corrosion protection with Sika FerroGard 903 can increase service and maintenance life cycles by up to 15 years when used as a part of a complete Sika Concrete Repair and Protection System. It is especially suitable for extending the service life of aesthetically valuable fair-faced concrete surfaces such as historic structures.

Steel reinforcement and repair sites were primed with Sika Monotop-610 and repairs reinstated with Sika Monotop-615 Repair Mortar.

Anti-Carbonation, Chlorides-Resistant Coating

Concrete to be treated was thoroughly soaked with clean water until uniformly saturated without any standing water. Sika Monotop-620 was installed over the concrete surface to seal pores and the level the mortar.  Water based primer Sikagard-552W Aquaprimer was used ahead of several coats of Sikagard 550W. This crack bridging protective coating works at low temperatures, providing good resistance against weathering and ageing. It offers a high diffusion resistance against CO2 reducing the rate of carbonation and is resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences.

Key elements of this National Lottery funded project include the creation of a new themed play area, which will reflect the Borough’s maritime links and Roman heritage and restoring the park’s original features such as the grotto and the grand promenade staircase. Improvements to the park’s open areas, lighting, seating, footpaths and bowling area are also planned.

More on the scheme of work at North Marine Park can be found here.


Work to the bowling clubhouse showing before and after pics