Reservoir Upstand Refurbishment

CSC Services recently completed a scheme of work which included a Reservoir Upstand Refurbishment for Severn Trent Water.

An access hatch was raised and recast to combat a bacterial fail. This involved cleaning a tank and applying appropriate waterproof coatings. A new upstand was constructed using Natcem 35 fast setting and fast curing repair mortar. The hatch was sealed using Fosroc nitroseal, a fast-curing and highly durable sealant which cures to a tough elastic rubber seal and conforms to the relevant Water Supply regulations. Sika Decothane root resistant waterproof membrane was then applied to guard against water ingress and carbonation.

CSC Services have extensive experience of completing similar reservoir upstand refurbishment projects at water companies across the UK. Operatives are able to advise on correct protective coatings to ensure cost effective refurbishments to a range of assets.