Filter Tank Refurbishment

Tank refurbishment work was completed for United Utilities by CSC Services.

Steel filter tanks are used in water treatment plants across the UK to as part of the process to ensure that safe drinking water is produced for customers. Water is passed through filter media such as sand and anthracite as part of the filtration process.

These multi-media steel filter tanks are extremely expensive to replace and if they need to be, can cause significant disruption to operational services due to decommissioning, removal and construction of new steel tank filters. Tank refurbishment offers a cheaper and quicker alternative and can allow remaining filers and operations at a treatment plant to continue.

Mick Flounders, CSC Services’ Contracts Director, outlines the scheme of work that was undertaken:

Corrosion to the tank walls, accelerated by the abrasive action of the filter material had caused rust to develop. CSC Services removed all of the failed coating and rust. This created the required surface profile for the installation of a new protective coating. Acothane, a solvent free polyurethane protective coating was installed to provide effective corrosion and erosion resistance. Approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate, this coating provides a completely waterproof membrane, preventing any potential ingress of water which can cause osmotic blistering, air filled cavities and cracks. Acothane is proven to resist the growth of bacteria such as micro aquatic organisms and black spore fungi. It has a long life performance and requires minimal maintenance.

Our series of photographs below show the tank before, during and after the work was completed.

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