Corrosion Control Coating for EDF Energy

CSC Services have successfully completed a refurbishment programme for EDF Energy using their latest corrosion control coating system.

The Gabion Wall is located behind the main sea wall on the Bristol Channel coast and was installed in response to an extreme tidal surge. Marine exposure and high chloride ingress had taken its toll putting the integrity of the structure at risk. When pack rust thickens to the point where rivets pop, plates bend and bearings seize consequences can be fatal. Refurbishment of the Gabion Wall was required to repair the structure and protect against further corrosion.

Mick Flounders, Contracts Director explains the programme of work undertaken:

“Following the removal of old plywood boards from the infill of the Gabion Wall, the structure was fully prepared for coating. An anti-corrosive coating was applied to the Gabion Wall Infill, concrete patch repairs undertaken and new GRP Fibreglass boards installed. “CSC Services responded to the clients brief by specifying a corrosion control coating system to prevent rust creepage. Typical coatings leave steel vulnerable to micro-cracking, delaminating, rust leaking and perforations. This coating system penetrates deep inside crevices and will protect the surfaces in ways that more traditional coatings will not. Offering protection against perforation from sand, stones and gravel means the coating can be guaranteed for longer. It also protects against poultice rusting on flange bottoms.”

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