Anti-carbonation Coatings

CSC Services are now offering a range of weatherproof anti-carbonation coatings. With carbonation one of the key factors that can detrimentally affect the life-span of a structure or asset, these protective coatings restrict the entry of carbon dioxide into concrete by forming a protective barrier.

The process of carbonation is nearly impossible to avoid and can advance up 5mm per year depending on the permeability of the concrete. Once concrete around steel rebar is broken down the corrosive effects of air and water will rust the steel causing it to expand, spall and crack. CSC Services can repair and reinstate concrete cover but a longer-term solution to is to inhibit further carbonation.

Mick Flounders, Contracts Director, and certified Coatings Inspector explains:

“Anti-carbonation coatings form a protective barrier to prevent the ingress of water. There are various products on the market specifically designed for this purpose. As a specialist contractor, CSC Services can advise on the optimum solution, compatible with the type of concrete. The protection offered will guarantee the lifespan of the structure and avoid costly and disruptive repair and maintenance work further down the line.”

Coatings are available in a range of finishes including smooth and textured, they are highly decorative and can be specified in several standard colours. Coatings can be colour matched to buildings and structures.

CSC Services can apply coatings to a range of structures from power stations to commercial and industrial buildings,  industrial plants, pipes, tunnels, bridges, digesters, and bunds.

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