Advice on Protecting Water Tanks Advice on Protecting Water Tanks

Advice on Protecting Water Tanks

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12 October 2017

Following CSC Services’ attendance at the Health Estates Conference last year, Managing Director Mark Lemon has had guidance published on how water tanks can be effectively protected rather than replaced.

The article published in this month’s Health Estate Journal examines how the installation of a regulated protective coating can reduce the risk of aquatic bacterial growth affecting water supply and guarantee the lifespan of a tank. The process for refurbishing both concrete and GRP tanks is explained.

With many years of experience contracting to the UK Water industry, where stringent regulations on coatings have been in place since 1990 when the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) was formed, Mark is able to offer Health Estate professionals advice on the most suitable coatings to protect tanks without having a detrimental effect on the safety or quality of drinking water.

For a copy of the article please contact The article will also be available to download in the latest issue of the Health Estate Journal from their website soon.